The models guidance

The Oxygen Models Agency Models Guidance

The model Guidance at Oxygen Models Agency is intended to make girls more experienced, to make them experience the real feeling of photography, the real experience of videography.

As a newbie, models are often thinking that behaving before a camera is easy, and is just being there, and await the instructions of the photographer. But in reality, a good model has instinctive ways to behave for the camera, to interact with the photographer, and to anticipate , to improvise… And this is exactly what the models guidance at oxygen Enterprises offers. The models agency sets up several shoots for the models that learn the models how to interact, how to anticipate, and how to become instinctive before the camera… This is a program that is completely free, and that offers girls the possibility of finding out if one side modeling is something they like, and on the other side to learn without stress, without pressure how to become next to a beauty also a model.

The Models guidance program is free and it is even payed for those models selected as exclusive working models, that get payed for the training as well as for the guidance, as well as for every moment they invest in constructing their own future.